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Glass vs. Acrylic Display Cases: Which One is Suitable?

by Jaime

Display cases remain one of the popular items among shop and store owners. Because they have been using these display cases to show off their products to enhance their look hence attracting customers. But as the times are becoming more lavish, people have begun using them in homes to store their collectibles, valuables, and other essential things.

Display cases come in many materials, but the two main materials that are very often used are glass and acrylic. When choosing a display case, you need to choose carefully what material will fit your preferences. It is widely accepted that the acrylic display case is more suitable than the glass display case. Let’s see how acrylic is ideal for a display. Keep reading!

Comparing Different Features of Glass vs. Acrylic Display Cases

Visual abilities

One of the most important things when comparing glass and acrylic is the aesthetic quality of the material. The acrylic material has more shine than the glass. This is because the optical clarity possessed by acrylic is far better than that of glass. Furthermore, glass shows an elusive green hue while acrylic is characteristically clear. This clear property of acrylic allows the owner to dye it in any color according to their needs.

Acrylic is the best for showcasing items in bright light. Unlike glass display cases, acrylic does not show the viewer their own image; instead, it reflects off a soft light, allowing them to see the object on display clearly.

So, it is clear that an acrylic display case is the choice of an average consumer because of its outstanding qualities.


Acrylic is said to be 17 times more impact-resistant than glass which is the same thickness, size, and shape. This tells that acrylic display glass will resist a hard knock, will not break, and survive extreme wear and tear. This strengthening property also comes in handy in shipping the products because not every shipping service handles the fragile tag very well.


An acrylic case can absorb the impact of one of the most extreme hits and does not break, but even if it does break due to any reason, the acrylic will not produce cutting-sharp and dangerous pointy edges. This quality can save the precious product inside the case.


When it comes to maintenance, acrylic cases win every time. Acrylic is easy to clean and maintain, requiring only regular dusting and occasional polishing. Glass display cases may require more frequent cleaning and polishing to prevent fingerprints and smudges. When it comes to scratch removal, the scratches on acrylic can be removed easily by buffing or abrasives, which are inexpensive.


Now that you have read the comparison between glass and acrylic display cases, you definitely would have figured it by now that acrylic display cases are a much better option than glass display cases. It could be applied anywhere; whether you’re a store owner looking for display cases to display your valuable products or just a regular person who wants to organize their wardrobe and put their valuables on display, this is made for you.

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