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What Are 16×7 Insulated Garage Doors And Their Important

by Jaime

16×7 Garage doors include insulated garage doors which use insulation and maintain the temperature between outdoors and indoors. Insulation is added during the construction of buildings and homes. It is because the outside temperature of the weather does not affect the home. This way, insulation helps you save from ample electricity and heat bills and keeps you warm in homes. This insulation works the same for your garages.

Steel insulation garage doors are more efficient than wood insulation doors. The single steel garage gate with double-sided insulation contains 130 to 150 pounds. On the other hand, the 16×7 garage door has up to 225 pounds. You might use aluminum and fiberglass if you want materials other than wood and steel. These are the lightest garage doors. They require low maintenance.

This article will tell you about 16×7 garage doors and essential features that are compulsory to know before you apply them in your garage.

Essential Features of 16×7 Insulated Garage Doors

16×7 Insulated garage doors are expensive because you have to pay for extra added layers of insulation material in the doors. There are some crucial features of 16×7 insulated garage doors.

  • 16×7 insulation garage doors save energy
  • Increase the value of the garage
  • Secure the cars and other belongings
  • Stable garage temperature
  • Quieter to operate
  • More Durable

16X7 Insulation Garage Doors Save Energy

In the past, it was considered garage insulation was not necessary. A test was done at the Clopay doors by engineers. Inside the uninsulated garage, the temperature was 20 degrees. On the other hand, the temperature inside an insulated garage door was 42 degrees. 16X7 insulation garage doors help you to save energy by maintaining the temperature of your garage.

Increase The Value Of The Garage

16×7 insulation garage doors increase the value of the garage. They have a powerful impact on the viewer. They look good and give a refined look to your garage.

Stable Garage Temperature

16×7 Isolation steel, aluminum, and glass fiber garage doors insulate the temperature of not only garages but also homes. Many buildings have insulation doors to keep the temperature regular inside the house.

Secure The Cars And Other Belongings

Unstable temperature harms the cars and other belonging in your garage. Freezing weather may affect your cars by making dead batteries. It may cause the low air pressure in tires, damage the engine of vehicles, and spark the plugs and wiring.

Quieter To Operate

16×7 insulation doors are quieter to operate. Many doors generate a lot of noise, but these 16×7 insulation garage doors don’t produce noise and are also jerking-free. Even you can open and close the door with less effort. This is the most significant advantage of the 16×7 insulation garage doors. They are lighter than other heavy doors.

More Durable

Insulated Garage doors are used for both residential and commercial, but the construction procedure is different. The 16×7 insulation doors are filled with solid insulation sandwiched between both layers of steel material. These layers and the isolation layer isolate the temperature. Extra strength is needed for your doors because they are used for your cars and other equipment.


In this article, we told you about 16×7 insulated garage doors and the essential features of 16×7 insulated garage doors. This article will be beneficial to you.

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